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The Icemen cometh – London Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf


Now the winter cold spell is well and truly here, what could be better to stand around large blocks of ice in Canary Wharf.

I am standing in the  freezing cold waiting for the chisels to cut into the gleaming ice, but wait there is an announcement that the sculpting will be delayed for a short while due to technical difficulties !

If the technical difficulties are sorted out , Friday  is the start of the three-day London Ice Sculpting Festival and talented sculptors from the USA and Europe will battle it out to be Champions.

Creating magnificent sculptures from glistening blocks of ice, the Festival will feature teams from around the globe. In a nod to NASA’s ongoing Mars mission they will carve to the themes: The Wonders Of The Universe and Infinity.


To keep you amused  there is  ice carving Masterclasses, the fun, snow-filled Snow pit, an interactive Ice Graffiti Wall, Ice Chess, Winter Market and loads of not to be missed highlights including a special Northern Lights Laser Show.




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