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Eric Pemberton’ s Postcards – Limehouse

Eric Pemberton has lived on the Isle of  Dogs for 30 years and is a well known figure working for the local community.

Eric has a great interest in local history and very kindly has given me access to some of his  collection of postcards and ephemera about the Isle of  Dogs and surrounding areas.

Over the next few months I will share these with you.

We start with Limehouse:


A postcard from early 20th century showing all the sights of Limehouse.

Commercial Road, West India Dock Rd, East India Dock Rd, Sailors Palace,Town Hall,

St Annes Church, Burdett Rd, Salmon Lane.


The Passmore Edwards Sailors Palace or Jack’s Palace as it was known was a hostel for Seamen.

It was well-known around the world for its superior accommodation

DSC01272       DSC01274   DSC01275     DSC01276

In 2013, the building still exists but has been turned into a block of flats.


Burdett Road going to Mile End by Horse Drawn Tram 1906.


A view of Limehouse from Commercial Road looking towards West India Dock Rd.


The original Charlie Brown was a legendary East End character, this was his son who ran a pub in Limehouse.


The Star of the East pub was run by the Baxter Family for many generations.


In 2013 It is still there with two original gas lamps outside.


  1. Excellent Post Cards from Eric . I lived just of Burdett Road – Turners Rd before moving to the Island , so bring back memories

  2. Thank you so much, my dad worked in west India dock and I had family in three colt street so recognise the sights……….

  3. Bob Putt says:

    My family lived and worked near here for years.One of my ancestors married the daughter of a publican who ran the East India Arms.We came from Stepney just down the road and Poplar equally close.I moved to Essex about 6 years ago from Rhodeswell Road at the top of Salmon Lane.My aunt used to live in the block of flats next to Limehouse police station,now a listed complex I believe.

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for commenting , I bet you have seen many changes in that time. I am doing a piece soon on the Charlie Brown pub in Limehouse.
      If you have any stories about your relatives or yourself let me know and i will include them in future posts.
      Thanks again.

  4. David Grant says:

    Remember S.Grant. surplus shops

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