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Eric Pemberton’s Postcards – Isle of Dogs

Here is another selection from Eric Pemberton’s postcard collection.

This time we concentrate on the Isle of Dogs:


An early 20th Century postcard of Island Gardens.


A postcard that illustrates that the foot tunnel was the death knell of the ferry service.

post 9

Greetings from Millwall 1905 with plenty of pride in the ships visiting the docks.

millwall 05

A really unusual card, the Millwall swimming club Polo team 1905.

millwall 07

Stuart’s Granolithic Chimney

Stuart’s were manufacturers of artificial stone made from cement and crushed granite,
originated in Peterhead with offices in Limehouse. In the 1900s the Stuart’s Granolithic Works occupied the  large site between Island Baths and the Capewell Horse Nail Factory.

They built a 45ft-high chimney shaft  constructed entirely of granolithic blocks, it required a special licence
from the LCC, waiving the normal requirement for chimneys to be of brickwork throughout.

post 7

Blackwall Pier was the main embarkation and disembarkation point for emigrants and immigrants up to 1930s.

The Seamans Institute was one of the many Institutes built round the docks.


Early views of  the Blackwall Tunnel


Christ Church still exists in Cubitt Town.


 Swedish vessel Britannia in Millwall Dock April 1965-  the old Granary is on the left.


  Interior of St.Edmunds old Church, West Ferry Road over 100 years ago.The Church was demolished in 1995.


One of my favourites, 1912 there was a strike in the docks, however the policemen seem more interested in the camera.

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  1. Neil Clasper says:

    Fantastic! I love the ‘Greetings from Millwall’ card.

  2. gee says:

    brilliant photos.

  3. fab i would love to be able to get copies

  4. George Rollinson says:

    I was Christened in Christ Church probably 1955. At the time was living in 1 Dunbar House, Glengall Grove, later Tiller Road. Moved off the Island in 1961 to Poplar and out to Goodmayes in 1972. Now live in the Northeast and visit family three times a year or so. Still have a soft spot for Millwall and nice to visit but after three days I’m ready to head up the A1 again.
    I have a framed print of the card above from a book of local scenes published by Tower Hamlets Libraries many years ago. Interesting site.

    • Hi George,

      Thank for your comments, I bet when you came back you amazed by the changes, if you live here it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. But it still is an amazing place.

  5. Helen says:

    Wonderful old postcards! I was at Millwall Dock yesterday & loved its second life as a residential area. Thank you for these.

  6. kathleen sutton says:

    Hi I lived at 53 Dunbar house until about 1970, I loved looking at your pictures, do you have any of Dunbar house and the dock wall, I would love to show my kids how near the ships were!!

  7. Pat Jarvis says:

    Some fantastic pictures here, a really great collection, Thankyou.

  8. Jim collard says:

    Hi lived at 67 Dunbar house for 17 years from 1947 then moved to 6 Alexander house Tiller road found all the photos so interesting brought back so many memories Jim Collardq

  9. Michael ort says:

    Hi. I lived in Dunbar house from 1947 to 1955 and went to St. Luke’s school before moving to Brixton. I would love to know if you have any photos of Dunbar house or St. Luke’s school. I have looked before but with no luck. Thanks mick ort

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