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Britain from Above – Limehouse, Blackwall and Poplar 1929,1931



West India Dock, Blackwall and Poplar. 1929

To follow up from the previous post about Britain from Above, I  thought I would look at some areas surrounding the Isle  of Dogs. If the Isle of Dogs has changed considerably, the same certainly could be said of Limehouse, Blackwall and Poplar. It is worth remembering that within 10 – 15 years many of these areas were devastated  by bombing which makes these pictures all the more important.


On one of the photographic flights Aerofilms spotted the famous Graf Zeppelin LZ – 127 flying over Limehouse in 1931. The Graf Zeppelin  127 was one of the most famous airships of its day going around the world in 1929 and flying over the Arctic in 1931.


Limehouse Basin in 1929

li 4

A wider view of Limehouse with Narrow Street bottom right and St Anne’s Church at the top


Another view of Limehouse

li 7

The Graf Zeppelin 127 over East India Dock , Orchard Place to the right.

li 8

Another picture of the Zeppelin over East India Docks

li 9

Blackwall and Canning Town 1929

li 10

Poplar 1929

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