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Water City – The SS Robin Heritage Mural


Living on the Isle of Dogs, being near the water is part of the everyday experience, we are surrounded by it with the Thames and large parts of the Island are taken up by the docks.

Therefore I have been intrigued by the work of the Water City projects especially the ‘Water City Murals’. a new mural painting social enterprise for East London.

The first part of the project is the 90 metre SS Robin Heritage Mural currently underway in the Royal Docks close to the SS Robin.


The theme of the Mural is the history of the SS Robin and the Royal Docks in five parts :


The first 50 metre section has been designed and created by artists in residence Frank and Nick Creber working with the SS Robin history team and volunteers.


A second section of 12 metres will be painted and designed by the local community


A third section of 5 metres will be painted by the local Britannia Village Primary School,

A forth 12 metre section will be printed on aluminium composite sheet with photos and architects’ illustrations showing future plans for SS Robin, and a final 12 metre section will contain singular images that emerge out of the whole process of the mural project.


It is great to see  the incredible history of the docks bought to life in Art , the colourful and vibrant mural captures some of the manic activity that symbolised  the docks in their heyday.


Although still work in progress it is undoubtably  worth a visit.


If you want to find out more about the project press here

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