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The Fashion Dolls – Veronica Rowlands, Artist and Illustrator

space  doll

Space Doll

I have recently come across the work of local Artist and Fashion Illustrator Veronica Rowlands.

Veronica has always been fascinated by vintage dolls and toys and developed her artistic skill as a child by sketching exhibits in Museums and Galleries.

She still looks for inspiration visiting museums such as the Museum of Childhood and Pollock’s Toy Museum. Using this inspiration she has recently  developed her Fashion Dolls which blends the old and the new in an original and imaginative way. Her acclaimed London Fashion Dolls series uses London landmarks as a background for the Dolls who are often adorned by objects taken out of their familiar setting.

veronica-rowlands- London Fashion Doll Framed

Veronica with one of her London Dolls

Her latest collection the Surreal Doll Collection take things a stage further when the familiar and nostalgic becomes more surreal and  fantastic .




Veronica has exhibited her works in many galleries in East London and has recently been selected to exhibit at the prestigious Contemporary Debut Exhibition in Notting Hill.

If you want to see Veronica’s work at this exhibition or would like to find out more about Veronica’s work  press here.

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