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Passion and Fashion – The Photography of Nunzio Prenna


It is my pleasure to introduce my readers to the work of Nunzio Prenna a local photographer who is quickly making a reputation for himself with his striking images of London and on the Fashion pages.

Recently I caught up with Nunzio to find more about his background and his photography.

Can you tell me a little about your background ?

I was born in a very small town in the south of Italy called Castellaneta. Perhaps some people into old movies know it because of Rudolph Valentino. He was from my hometown and did silent movies in Hollywood. I prefer to explain like this: “you know the shape of Italy? I’m from the heel!”

I came to the UK 8 years ago for my summer holiday. It was my last year at university in Milan so I just got the first cheap plane ticket I could find and it was a ticket to London. I spent 3 months working in a restaurant (as a sou chef even if I didn’t know much of cooking!).

When summer was over I went back to university and promised myself to come back to London. I did. Just a few days after my graduation I moved to London planning to work and live there. I was in love with this city.


What kind of work was you looking for ?

I studied 3D and so i wanted to work for movies or advertisement. it was very difficult to find a job and I ended up doing other type of jobs to support myself. I never got into the movie industry but instead ended up working in architectures firms as a 3D Visualiser. The job is nice but I was missing something. Photography!


How did you develop your interest in Photography ?

I always was into photography even if just for fun and nothing serious. I remember taking nice photos when I was really young going out for school trips. Funny enough some of my best photos are from a school trip I did to London when I was 16. I still have those photos back in my hometown.

I bought myself a more serious camera 4 years ago and started taking lots of photos. Since then I’ve upgraded my equipment a few times and got into photography more and more. I still work as a 3D Visualiser but photography is now part of my business (and fun).

My goal is to be a full time photographer and have my own studio.


Who has influenced or inspired your photography ?

My inspiration and influences are many. I look at photos on internet every day. I buy photography magazines and fashion magazines constantly. It is hard for me to name just one photographer that gives me inspiration. David Lachapelle has always been one of my favorites if i really have to name one. I also love the work of many “non full time” photographers like me,  for example I could name a few (Athena Carey, Elia Locardi).


How long have you lived on the Isle of Dogs?

I’ve been living on the Isle of Dogs for the last 4 years. I love it. It has everything I need and more. I hardly go in central London anymore. You can always find me walking around Canary Wharf and Greenwich where I always bring my camera.

As I said I work for architects and perhaps Canary Wharf inspires me in doing building photography.

I’d love to be able to combine fashion and buildings in my photos and this is something that I’m trying hard to achieve.

I find old buildings very photogenic and putting a model in them just makes the whole thing alive. On the same note I love futuristic buildings.

In an ideal world I would not mind to be a travel photographer and visit many different countries and cultures but I think I will stick to pursuing a career in fashion photography.



If you would like to see more of Nunzio’s work or contact him.

Website: press here

Google+ page: Press here

Twitter:  press here

 Facebook: press here

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