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Big Eagle, Barges and Berlin


Last year when the Olympics were taking place, West India Dock was crowded with Super Yachts.  The arrival of the Big Eagle in West India Dock attempts to bring a bit of that glamour back to West India Dock.

Big Eagle was a regular visitor to the Cannes Film Festival and hosted a number of  Festival parties. However recently she was sold and now is used as personal yacht for her new owner.


Although built-in 1980 , she had a major refit in 2004 , there is luxury accommodation for up to 12 guests and has a crew of 10.


She has a Length of 172′  (52.43m), Beam: 26′  (7.8m) and Cruising Speed of  12 knots.


Also in West India Dock is around 15  Barges, part of a rally organised by the DBA (the Barge Association )


Many are Dutch barges which are already popular in the UK  as  houseboats or venues, Millwall Dock has a number of Barges resident and near the Museum of Docklands there is the Leven restaurant.


There is a wide assortment of barges which a few times a year come together for rallies both in the UK and on the continent.


Finally to close our nautical post, I just happened to be walking near the Blue Bridge when the Cruise Ship Berlin was passing the O2 on its way to Tower Bridge.



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