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Stad Amsterdam Tall Ship and Thames Boats in West India Dock


After the recent visits  of Gorch Fock and the Amerigo Vespucci tall ships , we welcome another tall ship the Stad Amsterdam. She will be a familiar sight to many, having visited the dock  a number of times in recent years.


The Stad Amsterdam (City of Amsterdam) is a three-masted clipper that was built-in Amsterdam in 2000.


The ship was designed by Gerard Dijkstra basing his design on the 19th century frigate Amsterdam, however although she looks like 19th Century ship she is fitted with modern materials which means that she was fast enough to win the 2001 Cutty Sark Tall Ships’ Race.


The Stad Amsterdam is used as a training ship and can be hired for charter, in 2009 she was used by Dutch Television to retrace the second voyage of the HMS Beagle.


She is a fully rigged tall ship with an overall length of 76 m, height of 46.3 and over 2000 square metres of sail. She usually operates with a crew of 32 and can accommodate 120 passengers for day trips and 58 for longer journeys.


In a rather crowded West India Dock was a rally organised by the Association of Thames Yacht Clubs, formed in 1949 it now represents over 50 member motor yacht clubs and is dedicated to protecting the navigational and general interests of all Thames boat users.





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