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Stavros S Niarchos Tall Ship in West India Dock


The Stavros S Niarchos is a British brig-rigged tall ship owned and operated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. Built in 2000, She has been used to give young people the opportunity to develop skills and  talents whilst undertaking voyages to various locations. She is also available for voyages and holidays which provides revenue to maintain the operation of the ship.


Since its inception in the 50s the organisation has taken 97,000 trainees to sea and sailed 1.8 million nautical miles.


The ship has a Length of  197ft / 59.4m, Masts of 148ft / 45m and Beam of 32ft / 9.9m.

She usually operates a crew of 69 which include regular crew and volunteers.


Unusually for a Tall Ship, the Stavros Niarchos  is for sale due to the often high running costs of operating a boat of this size.


Whatever her future fate she is the latest of a number of Tall Ships who have graced the West India Dock this year.


The Stavros Niarchos in full sail (Tall Ships Youth Trust )


  1. Tall Ship says:

    Beautiful shots of the ship, Islander.

    I remember when she replaced the Malcolm Miller (now the Helena C).


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