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Life in a Isle of Dogs Garden – Anita Gerzsenyi, Photographer



Rainpearls IV. © Anita Gerzsenyi

Most people who visit Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs tend to look up at the skyscrapers and the large apartment blocks.  However local photographer Anita Gerzsenyi  has focussed her camera upon the smaller worlds we often ignore.


I’m coming © Anita Gerzsenyi

Starting in her native Hungary  five years ago, Anita began to take photography seriously by taking photographs of the local plants and flowers. When she moved to the Isle of Dogs to study for a degree in Environmental Management she began to take photographs in her garden.


Finally I found you! © Anita Gerzsenyi

The photographs featured here are testament to her skill and expertise as Anita charts the ever changing life in a city garden.


Hungry wasp © Anita Gerzsenyi

Anita got to know the Isle of Dogs when she used to travel with her boyfriend Matyas on business trips, now she has fallen under its spell and chronicles her life here in her blog.


Warming under the Sun © Anita Gerzsenyi

As Anita says  her photography has opened up “A whole new world with new shapes, textures and creatures, that we can hardly see with our naked eyes.”


Plush wings © Anita Gerzsenyi

If you would like to see more of Anita’s work press here


Moss in snow © Anita Gerzsenyi


Lying in ambush © Anita Gerzsenyi


White rose, White Hunter II. © Anita Gerzsenyi


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