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A New Blog for the Isle of Dogs


Isle of Dogs

We are very fortunate on the Isle of Dogs to have some great websites and blogs that cover the Isle of Dogs.

The work of Eve Hostettler and the Island History Trust is well-known , but probably the website that has the widest range of photographs of the Island is the Isle of Dogs Heritage and History website.

The Isle of Dogs Heritage and History website was set up by three ‘ Islanders’ who have a shared passion for the ‘Island’ . Their mission is to capture images of the buildings , streets and landmarks of the ‘Island.’ They also capture important documents, reports and maps to make available to everyone.

Their site and the Island History Trust are  important resources for anyone with an interest in the history of the Isle of Dogs.

Mick Lemmerman , one of the founders of the Isle of Dogs Heritage and History website has decided to create a blog that will tell some of the stories behind the photographs on the site.

His first post tells the story of the Waterman’s Arms, one of the most famous Pubs on the Island.

Mick’s reasons for starting the blog are sentiments shared by many who write about the Island.

The history of the Isle of Dogs is a remarkable story. Before the closure of the docks and the development of the shiny new financial centre around Canary Wharf, most people – including Londoners – had never heard of the place. Further back, before 1800, only a few people lived around the edges of this marshy wasteland. Yet, this small area of East London, hidden away behind high dock walls and the embankment of the looping Thames, was the birthplace of an uncountable number of industrial innovations and mighty enterprises. Its people, isolated from the rest of London for close to two centuries, had their own character, a character that is still there, if you know where to look for it.

Mick has joined a long line of people who have contributed to the telling of the Isle of Dogs story and I wish him great success in his new venture.

To visit the new blog click here

Isle of Dogs Heritage and History is available here.



  1. Coral Rutterford says:

    Found this site to be informative and of great historic interest. A job well done, Thank You

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