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Andrew Baldwin Sculptures at Trinity Buoy Wharf


As regular readers will know, Trinity Buoy Wharf is one of my favourite places in London and just after Christmas I visited  the Wharf on a cold grey winter’s day.

It is never really busy at the Wharf, but on this particular day there was no sign of anyone, even the Fatboy’s Diner  had a closed sign in the window.


But one thing you can always rely on when you visit the Wharf is that you will find something new and slightly bizarre and there next to the Container City was a series of Sculptures.


The Sculptures are created by Andrew Baldwin who is probably best known  for his walking boat, a 40 foot boat that came out of the water and walked up the foreshore just below the Tate Modern.


Andrew Baldwin trained as a Master Blacksmith and Welder and worked  as such for 28 years before he turned his skills to making a number of large mechanical sculptures.


The Sculptures at Trinity Buoy Wharf are a series of his large mechanical models, in a strange way they are a bit of cross between a Heath Robinson type machine and Victorian clockwork toys.


They really don’t seem out-of-place being near the Wharf’s workshops which were used for fixing various objects and machines but are now used for other purposes.


Whilst looking at the strange mechanical pieces I glanced up over the Thames and saw another mechanical wonder the Cable car crossing over the dark grey skies.


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