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Eric Pemberton’s Postcards – Island Gardens and Isle of Dogs


Island Gardens

Many thanks once again to Eric Pemberton who has sent a fascinating set of postcards and photographs.

The first three show Island Gardens in the early 20th century,  in the 19th century and early 20th century there were very little space on the riverfront that had not been taken over by industries. This small parcel of land had been protected due to the fact the land had been owned by the Admiralty who wanted to protect the view to and from Greenwich. Local MP Will Crooks and others fought to use this land to provide a park for local people.


The postcards  show the gardens were set up to be enjoyed by the local population and a bandstand was often used to provide music at the weekends.


Island Gardens


Great Catholic Procession through Poplar – Annual Event from the church of St Mary and St. Joseph processing down East India Dock Road July 1931.

Poplar like many areas of the East End had a large Catholic population and the annual processions were watched by thousands of people, the parades continued up to the 1960s

post 9

Early 20th century postcards of Millwall

eric2222222 - Copy

Primitive Methodist Church – Cubitt Town

There was a chapel on the site from 1862 but was rebuilt in 1905, demolished in 1978.

Eric Pemberton is part of a group aiming to protect Island Gardens from development, the group have started a petition , if you wish to sign the petition  click here

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  1. lemons says:

    Couple of nice photos I hadn’t seen before. Good one!

  2. Sia Thomas says:

    I am a local resident on the Isle of Dogs, doing a similar project on the Island. Eric’s postcards would be of such value to my research. Do you know of any way to contact him as google isn’t give me much.
    Thanks for the great article!

    • Hi Sia,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, unfortunately I do not have Eric’s contact details, he was involved with the Friends of Island Gardens group, you may have better luck there.

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