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Springtime at Mudchute Farm


Although I love living in the city, now and then I feel the need for a walk in the countryside.  Well fortunately I don’t have to go very far , because if I want to enjoy nature I take short walk  down the middle of the Isle of Dogs to Mudchute Park and Farm.


It is one of the largest inner City Farms anywhere in Europe, with a wonderful collection of over 100 animals and fowl on the farm.

In a previous post I went into the history of the Park and farm and showed it owes its existence  in some ways to the  mud dug out of Millwall Dock.


On a warm spring day ,the farm is alive with visitors especially families who enjoy all the animals on show.


There is a number of rare breeds on the farm including Dexter cattle and  a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig.

The Farm has just planted a community orchard in partnership with the London Orchard Project and local schools.


When you are wandering around the farm it is hard to believe you are less than a mile from the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

Run almost entirely by local volunteers, it is the Island’s hidden treasure. It is not just the animals there is always lots of events organised for adults and children.


If you feel the need for a rural retreat, head down to the farm and  even sample the homemade meals at the Farm café.

Opening times

Mudchute Park and Farm

Farm: Everyday 8am–4pm
Park: All day everyday

Pets corner

Everyday 8am–4pm

Mudchute Kitchen

Tuesday–Friday 9.30am–3.00pm
Saturday–Sunday 9.30am–4.30pm

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  1. allergybabe says:

    what a lovely pic… mudchute farm is our little retreat from the crazy city!

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