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Walking on Water Exhibition at Excel – 3rd to 11th May 2014


Regular readers will know that I have followed with interest the work of Frank Creber and the Water City Project.

Frank has recently worked on the SS Robin project and had a recent exhibition at the Lloyd’s Register, however the  WOW: Walking On Water: East London’s Legacy – the Big Picture  exhibition at Excel  in partnership with Grand Design exhibition takes the project to a different level.

At the heart of the exhibition is a 200-piece display of artwork by  Frank who has created  a visual chronicle made over 10 years  of the communities, developments and places coming to life in East London.


The Walking on Water is an interactive exhibition in The Boulevard at ExCeL London offering visitors a walking tour through East London, from Trinity Buoy Wharf to the Royal Docks, to Three Mills, Stratford and the Lower Lea Valley. there is an integrated display of art, photography and exhibition stands featuring many of the  regeneration initiatives.


The Artistic quarter of  Trinity Buoy Wharf  illustrates how an old industrial  area can be transformed into an area where  creative industries  can thrive.


The  Exhibition also profiles the work of Eastside Community Heritage  through their displays of black and white photographs which tells this story of local peoples’ lives and how many relied on employment in the many industries  around the historic waterways.


Another aspect of the exhibition is  the often untold stories of how local people themselves transform their environments  with collective action, this is illustrated by the  extraordinary 10-year story of Cody Dock and how a group of local residents took over what many thought of as a rubbish dump, and ended up delivering community ownership of a prime piece of river-facing real estate. .


The exhibition also looks at the ways that  a number of diverse organisations such as Poplar HARCA, Catlin Group, University of East London,  UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), East London Business Alliance (ELBA) as well as Communities groups can contribute to regeneration.


The Walking on Water exhibition in partnership with the Grand Design exhibition raises some interesting questions, for example we will spend a lot of time, energy and money on our immediate environment such as our homes, but  often consider we have little power in changing the wider environment.

This is what the Walking on Water Exhibition is keen to challenge by showing how partnerships can forged to build sustainable communities  in East London.

The Exhibition is Free and is in the Boulevard which runs down the centre of Excel, Frank Creber’s artwork is always interesting and the photographs are fascinating.

If you are going to the Grand Design Exhibition, why not take a little time to look at the Walking on Water exhibition or take a trip to Excel to view the Walking on Water exhibition alone there is certainly enough there to make the trip worthwhile.

The Exhibition runs from  3 – 11 May 2014

10am – 6pm daily (to 5pm final day)

For more information on the exhibition, visit the website here

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