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German Navy in West India Dock, (A512)Mosel, (A1425)Ammersee and (M1092)Hameln


Taking most people by surprise was the appearance of three ships of the German Navy in West India Dock.

The Mine Countermeasures ship M1092 Hamelin, an old coastal tanker Ammersee and a tender Mosel. There is indications that other ships will be arriving in the next few hours.


M1092 Hamelin


Mosel A512 Mosel




Old Tanker Ammersee A1425





  1. Laurinda says:

    That was quick and well-captured. Well-done. I watched the ship arrive from the London Yard and took my own photos as it was being guided to position itself to cross the Blue Bridge. By the time I stepped back in doors 10 minutes later, you had the name of the ship and close photos! I plan to take a closer look at the weekend.

    • Thanks Laurinda, I have my spies who let me know when the boats come in , however I think everyone was taken by surprise today.
      I had just finished my first post when the second wave came in. Not sure how long they are here for ! But will try to find out.

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