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The German Navy at West India Dock Part Two – (M1093) Auerbach/Oberpfalz,(M1098) Siegburg and Seehund Drones


There was considerable surprise early on with the arrival of three ships of the German Navy , however that was not the end of the excitement with the arrival of two more minesweepers and a number ( I think four) Seehund  drones .


The two latest arrivals are (M1093) Auerbach/Oberpfalz and (M1098) Siegburg.


The minesweepers act as Mother ships for Seehund remotely controlled minesweeping drones as part of the TROIKA PLUS system which have two-man crews only for transit.


With this large number of ships in the dock and tugs as well , it bought out a crowd of people in the warm sunshine.


How long they will be here for is not known at the moment and the ships are probably on exercise.



The following information is from the German Embassy.

From Thursday 15 May to Sunday 18 May, five warships from the 5th Minesweeping Squadron will berth at West India Docks for their port visit to London. The Squadron is currently conducting a squadron exercise in the North Sea and the ships’ crews are looking forward to an interesting stay in this vibrant city.

The Squadron – led by Commander Guido Brach – will berth with three minesweepers, one supply ship, one tanker and four minesweeping drones at Canary Wharf. These minesweepers and the mine sweeping drones together form the TROIKA PLUS system. According to operational procedures, up to four unmanned drones with activated sweeping gear can be remote-controlled from the vessels.

The ships will be open to the public for an “open ship” on Saturday, 17 May from 1pm to 4pm.




  1. KB says:

    “Herzliche Wilkommen” to the German navy but perhaps someone needs to explain to the captain of Auerbach the correct way to fly the Union Jack. It’s currently upside down!

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