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Orchard Place – Bridge over the River Lea


In the past few weeks I have posted a number of articles about Bridges inspired by the Bridge exhibition at the Docklands Museum.

However whilst waiting at Canning Town station I was fascinated by  what looked like a bridge being built on the stretch of ground known as Orchard Place.


For such a small site it has been the focus of considerable use by industries from processing of whale blubber in the early 1780s, ship building and the great glass works of the Thames Plate Glass Company.


The previous residents of Orchard Place

Regular readers will know about my interest in this area and the regeneration on the site will bring back people living on the site that was known for its industries but did support a small colony of people up to the 1930s.


The people who lived there often felt cut off from the rest of Poplar and the Isle of Dogs because of the poor transport links. Therefore it is especially interesting that the bridge is intended to connect Orchard Place to Canning Town station.


There has been an intention to build a bridge for the last decade but for various reasons it has never materialised.


Finally it seems that the Bridge is being built to cross the Lea river, although only a footbridge it offers a few problems because it is expected to be raised to allow boats to travel up and down Bow Creek.

We will await further developments with interest as the Bridge is constructed and Orchard Place is developed.



  1. Lionel Aust says:

    I have been invited to site to look at the new bridge so I will see if I can give you an update on the construction.

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