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The unveiling of the War Memorial Plaque in Island Gardens


Thursday evening saw the  unveiling of the War Memorial Plaque in Island  Gardens, although it remembers all those from the Isle of Dogs who died in two World Wars, it has been unveiled as part of the large number of events to remember the centenary of the start of the First World War.

The event was well attended by a wide range of local people and representatives from the Police and Fire Brigade.


The Friends of Island Gardens group have worked with the local council to create a small area within the park which will be a place that people can pay their respects to the many who sacrificed their lives.


The plaque will act as a reminder that those sacrifices are still remembered even as time marches on.


Frank Thienel (Treasurer) did the introductions, Sir George Iacobescu, Chief Executive Canary Wharf plc gave a short speech and laid a wreath on behalf of Canary Wharf & the Friends of Island Gardens,  Rita Bensley (Islander) and Chair of the Association of Island Communities gave a speech and unveiled the plaque, the Friends of Island History also laid a wreath.


Photo’s by Eric Pemberton


  1. F D says:

    The ceremony last Thursday was simple and moving, several people had a quite cry
    to themselves. Thank you to the Friends of Island Gardens and all who took part, they
    have given us locals the opportunity to meet and pay our respects to the debt we owe.
    “Loves last gift, rememberance”

  2. Irishgirl says:

    A wonderful event , very moving to commemorate the fallen for the Isle of Dogs in two World Wars. Friends of Island Gardens need to be congratulated of thinking of this very fitting memeorial to our brave men. I understand that some one from Christchurch Church wants to pull it down ?

  3. cathy says:

    Well done friend’s of Island gardens…There should be a few more like this on the Isle of dogs…

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