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NATO Fleet in West India Dock – Part Two

After yesterday’s excitement of the arrival of seven NATO warships, West India Dock is a little bit quieter today.


The warships  include  Lithuanian Minelayer LNS Jotvingis,  Belgian Navy’s BNS Crocus, the German Navy’s FGS Datteln, the Polish Navy’s ORP Flaming,   the Estonian Navy’s ENS Sakala, the Latvian Navy’s LVNS Talialdis and the Dutch Navy’s HNLMS Zierlkzee.


Although unusual, there have been a few visits by ships in the NATO fleet in the last few years.


All the ships are generally involved with mine detection or mine laying and the detection of enemy submarines and ships.

The ships from Eastern Europe show how times have changes, before the end of the Cold War they would have been seen as the enemy.


How long they remain in dock is not known but any visitor to the West India Dock interested in ships and boats is in for a treat, as well as the Nato Ships, there are the historic ships the Massey Shaw and Portwey plus the Thames Sailing Barge Will.

For a different view, regular contributor Eric Pemberton has sent a couple of the ships turning into the dock.


The way the ships and tugs come down the Thames and line up to go through the Blue Bridge is always interesting  to watch.



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