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West India Dock Visitors Review 2014

tall ships 2222

It is that time of the year when people begin to review the past 12 months, carrying on the tradition from last year I am listing the ships that have visited West India Docks.


In a very eventful year, the highlight must be the Tall Ships Festival, the largest gathering of Tall Ships in London for 25 years was a spectacle few are likely to forget.

Some old Tall Ships favourites returned, the Stad Amsterdam, Stavros S Niarchos  and STS Tenacious  but sad to see the final appearance of the TS Royalist.

german navy 11111

The Royal Navy and other nations ships visited quite regularly and there was plenty of excitement when a small German flotilla appeared and then later a NATO Flotilla came into the dock.


A number of Super Yachts docked, giving a glimpse of the world of the super rich. Often beautifully designed, they do seem well at home amongst the Canary Wharf  skyscrapers.


At the other end of the scale, the Lord Amory and the restoration of the Massey Shaw and Portwey continues which  add interest to the dock all year round.


Royal Navy

HMS Westminster
HMS Montrose (F236)

Other Navies

Nato warships  included  Lithuanian Minelayer LNS Jotvingis, Belgian Navy’s BNS Crocus,
the German Navy’s FGS Datteln, the Polish Navy’s ORP Flaming, the Estonian Navy’s ENS Sakala,
the Latvian Navy’s LVNS Talialdis and the Dutch Navy’s HNLMS Zierlkzee.

French Navy Ship Pluvier

French Navy Ship Andromede

Italian Navy Luigi Durand de la Penne

The German Navy (M1093) Auerbach/Oberpfalz,(M1098) Siegburg and Seehund Drones

German Navy   (A512) Mosel, (A1425) Ammersee and (M1092)Hameln

Super Yachts

Super Yacht Kismet
Super Yacht Christopher
Super Yacht Z
Super Yacht Kalinga
WindQuest Catamaran
Super Yacht Sovereign
Super Yacht Kamalaya
Superyacht Emelina

Tall Ships

The Tall Ships Festival

Dutch Tall Ship, Stad Amsterdam

Stavros S Niarchos Tall Ship

TS Royalist

STS Tenacious Tall Ship

Tall Ship Kaskelot


Massey Shaw



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