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The Rise of Baltimore Tower


The history of the Isle of Dogs is one of change, the Island has had many reincarnations in the last few centuries. This process never stops and it has always been a part of the blog to keep an eye on new developments.


In the last few months, one particular development is rising near the middle of the Island. The Baltimore Tower is slightly unusual because it is slightly apart from the other skyscrapers  of Canary Wharf and is already a bit of a landmark, visible from many other areas.


Photo taken in the summer from Tower Bridge, Baltimore Tower clearly visible on the right.

The Tower had been proposed in many different forms since 2001, after the building of the lower Baltimore complex, work has been delayed for a variety of reasons.
The project was originally proposed as 6 towers but was scaled down considerably when the recession began to affect the construction trade.


The Tower has been designed by architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, to provide a visually interesting 45 storey tower that will incorporate a series of curves and twists.


Overlooking the Millwall Dock and near the slightly larger Pan Peninsula, the Tower is being built near the site previously occupied by London Arena.

Whether the building of the Tower marks the first of many similar developments on the Island itself is open to question.

There is considerable development happening on the Canary Wharf site including for the first time some residential.  The proposed sale of the Canary Wharf site to a Qatari investment company for £2.6bn also raises questions about the future development of that particular site.



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  1. Diane says:

    I noticed this on our recent visit. It only had the central piece built and I wondered what on earth it was going to be. It’s great that you document the change here.

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