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The Viking Star Liner in London – May 12th 2015

Viking Star 003

In the 9th century, Viking attacks on London were common and the sight of the Longships going around the Isle of Dogs would have provoked terror amongst the local population. There is even evidence that the Longships travelled up the River Lea to go inland to pillage.

How times have changes, the sight of the enormous liner Viking Star was captured by Eric Pemberton has it made its way for a short stay in Greenwich.

Viking Star 004

The modern day descendants  of the Vikings prefer  a more comfortable mode of travel with the Viking Star liner boasting  luxury accommodation and a Wellness sanctuary described in the brochure as ‘ We also reinvented the spa experience; drawing upon the holistic wellness philosophy of Nordic culture. To stimulate your circulatory system visit our Snow Grotto where snowflakes gently descend from the ceiling through chilled air, then invigorate yourself in the sauna, following a centuries-old Nordic tradition… If you would like to rest and relax, visit the Explorers Lounge  this is the place to unwind over a chilled pint from the extensive Craft Beer Library.’

Viking Star 003

47,800 tonne cruise ship which has  465 cabins and will accommodate 930 passengers  is on its maiden voyage only just squeezed through the Thames Barrier and was captured by Eric as it passed the O2 Arena.

Viking Star 001

The ship  set sail on April 11th from Istanbul, before traveling through the Mediterranean. After her short visit, the ship will continue back north to be christened in Bergen on May 17th.

Not sure what Sweyn Forkbeard  or Cnut the Great would have made of the ship, the Snow Grotto and the Craft Beer Library, but it is the latest of a number of interesting recent visitors.



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