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Super Yacht Latitude in West India Dock – 25th October 2015


West India Dock has been the home of the Mischief super yacht whilst its Australian owner enjoys the Rugby World Cup, yesterday saw the arrival of another super yacht, the Latitude.


The 142.72ft /43.5m TM47 motor yacht ‘Latitude’ was built in 2010 by the Timmerman in Russia  and was previously named Alexandra.


Latitude’s can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 staterooms, including a master suite, 4 double cabins, 4 pullman beds. She usually carries up to 7 crew onboard


The ship has all the latest amenities including  all the latest modern technologies for entertainment and plenty of toys for use in the water.


Like many super yachts there is an element of secrecy over who owns the ship which was sold in 2013, however it has been available for charter over the last few years.

Super yachts are regular visitors to West India Dock but it’s virtually impossible to find out any information about how long they are here for and where they are going next.



  1. AJBC says:

    Hi, I am really not convinced this is the Benetti built ‘Latitude’ as the configuration is wrong – I believe she is the Timmerman Yachts ‘Latitude’ as the latter matches my photo taken yesterday on arrival https://flic.kr/p/A9PUx3

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the further information, I think I agree with you and have changed the blog details, this has been one of the most confusing ships to identify, there are at least three Latitudes that all look very similar.

      Once again many thanks

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