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Memento : A Guide to Trinity Buoy Wharf



Regular readers will know that one of my favourite spots off the beaten track is Trinity Buoy Wharf which I have featured in many articles. To help you explore some of its delights, at the end of November, Trinity Buoy Wharf and ScreenDeep are launching a new listening experience called “Memento: Trinity Buoy Wharf”.

Memento: Trinity Buoy Wharf will be an hour-long audio guide which is part tour, part social commentary with interview soundbites from artists, heritage experts and locals. To launch the guide Trinity Buoy Wharf is inviting the public to a free event which will feature walks and the chance to meet some of the people who work and live on the site.

Highlights of the event:

Walks will take place at 7pm/ 8pm/ 9pm on November 25th.


You can speak to artist Jem Finer, Longplayer creator at the Lighthouse between 7pm and 8pm.

You can talk to artists on site in their studios and see moving image artwork at the Electrician’s Shop by Mash Cinema and henrietrtawilliams.com between 6.30pm and 10.30pm.


Food and drink options are available at the Bow Creek Café and Fat Boy’s Diner between 7pm and 10pm

If you do not want to do the walk, you can just turn up and just have a look around.

If you are not able to attend the launch night, after 25th of November 2015 you will be able to download the Sound Walk which will be available free  at the Trinity Buoy Wharf website here


The Sound Walk either live or downloaded will illustrate some of the stories of this historic and unusual area and introduce you to some of the people who are developing the area into an industrial docklands arts quarter.


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  1. Diane says:

    Trinity Bouy and Bow Creek are on my list of places to visit in a couple of weeks time. You and a couple of other Islanders have made it sound so interesting. It sounds like my cup of tea. Thank you for the inspiration.

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