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Keeping the Island History Alive – The Friends of the Island History Trust


Walking through the Canary Wharf shopping area, I was delighted to come across an attractive and interesting  display about the ‘Islands’ history. The Community window gives a snapshot of some of the work of  The Friends of the Island History Trust.

The Friends of the Island History Trust succeeded the Island History Trust project which was responsible for collecting photographs, ephemera and relevant historical information about the Island under the stewardship of Eve Hostettler.
The Friends of the Island History Trust has already had  series of Open Days and are in the process of creating a website that will provide photographs and information to local people but also interested people in the UK and from all over world.
The Community window in Canary Wharf which will be displayed until January 6th 2016 is part of the aim for people living, working and or visiting Canary Wharf to understand some of the remarkable history of the area. An important focus for the new group is getting people who live and work in the area, new and old Islanders and especially young people involved to celebrating their own part in the story of the Isle of Dogs.
The group has developed links with volunteer Students of George Greens and The Volunteers of the Massey Shaw Educational Trust in a project with them taking part in joint visits to the Educational Fire Boat by a mix of volunteers from both the School and Friends of Island History Trust next year. The Friends of the Island History Trust are also looking into developing the use of Heritage Display Boards which are based around the Dock area and around the Island in an exhibition/walk early next Spring. They have also reproduced 200 copies of Mick Lemmerman’s excellent book ‘The Isle of Dogs During World War II’ which is on sale through FoIHT for £11.00 plus postage.
The Friends of Island History Trust  play an important part in providing a central hub in which people who want information about the Island  have access to a  number of knowledgeable local people. Following the tradition of the old Island History Trust, the Friends of Island History Trust has  produced a calendar full of old photographs of the Island which is now available at foiht2014@gmail.com
Like many other local groups,the Friends of Island History Trust relies upon the hard work of volunteers and sponsorship. If you would like to help the group to continue its good work you can join a membership scheme where you can become a member of the Friends of Island History Trust and receive regular newsletters. To enable the group to expand its work it would appreciate any offers of help, be it practical and or financial. If you would like further information, contact the group at  their email address,  foiht2014@gmail.com


  1. Gill Ross says:

    I was hoping to be able to view the old photographs on ‘foih2014@gmail.com’ but sadly it is not available.

    • Hi Gill,
      If you email them , I am sure the Foih will let you know where you can find the old photographs.

    • Deb Lev says:

      That is a good idea Gill, I will put the suggestion forward at our committee meeting this Saturday. Secretary for FoIHT

      • Deb Lev says:

        ‘The Isle of Dogs During World War II’ as also been reproduced by ‘Friends of Island History Trust’ and is available through the email address below.
        The thoroughly researched and written book by Mick also contains images from the Island History Trust collection and includes personal accounts from Islanders themselves, some of which were recorded by Eve Hostettler the original Curator for the IHT in the 1980s.

        With modern technology, the use of maps and bomb accounts and Mick’s eye for detail it is, quoted by Brian S, one of our elder volunteers, as “an A to Z of what it was like for Islanders at the time; It contains familiar names and Streets and the accounts make it the best book I have read” It is not only an important read for Islanders it is an account Islanders now and people further afield would appreciate. War is not a celebration, it is something that happened to the Country and the World and by reading accounts like this we can hopefully learn what the real price and consequences are.

        Secretary for FoIHT

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