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BNS Godetia and HMS Grimsby in West India Dock


Two surprise visitors in West India Dock are the Belgian Navy ship Godetia and HMS Grimsby of the Royal Navy. Both ships have been involved recently in NATO exercises in Northern Europe and are part of the SNMCMG 1 (Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 1).


The BNS Godetia last visited the West India Dock in 2012 as part of a small Nato fleet. The ship is a command and logistical support ship and often features in NATO exercises. The ship has a length of 91.30 m (299.5 ft), 14.00 m (45.93 ft) beam and carries a crew of around 90.


The Godetia is one of the oldest warships on active service being launched in 1965 at the Boelwerf in Temse. During her long career, the ship has undertaken several missions including fishery protection, humanitarian aid, support and supply ship for minesweepers, and acting as a command ship for NATO mine countermeasure operations.


Slightly dwarfed by the Godetia is HMS Grimsby which is a  Sandown-class minehunter which was launched in 1998. The Royal Navy minehunter regularly exercises with her NATO counterparts in a number of activities such as mine clearance exercises and maritime security patrols.


The ship has a length of 52.5 m (172 ft 3 in), beam of 10.9 m (35 ft 9 in) and a crew of around 35.


Due to the surprise nature of the visit, little is known at this time of how long the ships will be in dock.




  1. Keris says:

    There are more ships parked as I walked past around 5:30pm.

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