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West India Dock Visitors Review 2015



It is that time of the year when people begin to review the past 12 months, carrying on the tradition from previous years, we are listing the ships that have visited West India Docks in the last year.

With all the development surrounding West India Dock, there was some concern that the number visiting the dock would be severely curtailed but although numbers were down a little, we still had an interesting mix of ships and boats.
Some old Tall Ships favourites returned, the Stad Amsterdam, Stavros S Niarchos, STS Lord Nelson  and STS Tenacious  but after seeing  see the final appearance of the old TS Royalist in 2014, it was a pleasure to see the new TS Royalist bought into dock.

royalist six

Other interesting Tall Ships included Polish Tall Ship Zawisza Czarny, Dutch Tall Ship Eendracht, the entertaining Colombian Tall Ship A.R.C Gloria  and the controversial  Chilean Training Ship Esmeralda .

Super Yachts seem to be getting bigger and more lavish and the visitors covered a wide range, however the final Super Yacht visitor of the year Ilona probably takes the award for the largest and most expensive.


The visits from NATO ships continued this year with various navies represented but there was probably more from the German Navy. HMS St Albans ( F83) and HMS Grimsby (M108) represented the visits from the Royal Navy.

There were some other interesting visitors, the  hi -tech Tara Expedition Ship, the unusual visit from a cruise ship ( Star Legend ), the ship with royal connections ( MV Hebridean Princess ) and the historic Havengore.


The Massey Shaw, The Portwey and the Lord Amory provide year round interest in the dock and the various ships being used for dredging have shown the dock still attracts working boats.

Super Yachts

Super Yacht Ilona

Super Yacht Latitude

Super Yacht Mischief

Super Yacht Forever One

Super Yacht Positive Carry

Cinderella IV sailing yacht

Tall Ships

Stavros S Niarchos Tall Ship

Tall Ship Tenacious

Dutch Tall Ship Eendracht

Polish Tall Ship Zawisza Czarny

Colombian Tall Ship A.R.C Gloria

STS Lord Nelson

Chilean Tall Ship Esmeralda

Dutch Tall Ship, Stad Amsterdam

TS Royalist, TS John Jerwood and TS Jack Petchey


Navy Ships

Six NATO Ships

Belgian Navy BNS Godetia ( A960 )
Latvian Navy ship Talivaldis (M-60)
HMS Grimsby (M108)
the Dutch Navy Ship Schiedam (M860)
The Estonian Navy ship EML Admiral Cowan (M313)
The Norwegian Navy ship Hinnøy (M343

German Navy Ships

(P6123) Hermelin,
(P6125) Zobel,
(P6126) Frettchen,
(P6129) Wiesel,
(P6130) Hyäne,
(A514) Werra(F219)

FGS Sachsen

Spanish Navy

Méndez Núñez in West India Dock

Royal Navy

HMS St Albans ( F83) in West India Dock



Tara Expedition Ship in West India Dock

MV Hebridean Princess in West India Dock

Cruise Ship Star Legend in West India Dock

Havengore in West India Dock

May we wish all our readers a Happy New Year and we look forward to the new visitors to the dock in the new year.



  1. Bustjie says:

    Thank you for all your posts. I am looking forward to more in 2016.

  2. Tim WAugh says:

    Dear Isle of Dogs Life, As owners of an apartment in Pierhead Lock on the Isle of Dogs we are always looking forward to your interesting contributions. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year, Gaby and Tim Waugh

    Sent from my iPad


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