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The Launch of The Isle of Dogs Living Archive at St John Community Centre – 4th May 2016


The 1980s on the Island was a time of considerable unrest, the closing down of the docks threatened the livelihood of thousands of people. Many people on the Island believed politicians and policymakers were unable or unwilling to address some the concerns and began to hold a series of protests. The Isle of Dogs was the scene of some of most unusual and innovative protests which recently in 2014 became the subject of a short film entitled Hardworking People by Woodrow Morris. Out of this film has developed The Isle of Dogs Living Archive which is a community group set up to explore and celebrate the visual and oral history of The Isle of Dogs.

Dockland Poster Project

Photo : Mike Seaborne

Woodrow and Rib Davis, a professional oral historian are working on Heritage Lottery funded project that will train local people in oral history interviewing , sound recording and archival research methods. They will interview key players who were involved in the iconic 80s protests, and it will culminate in an exhibition presenting their research, which will hopefully highlight the creativity and strength of community at the heart of those protests.

Death of a Community march

Photo : Mike Seaborne

The project will be launched at an event at 7pm on Weds 4th May at St Johns. There will be a screening of Woodrow’s film,  as well as short presentations from some of those involved in the protests. The evening will celebrate the launch of The Isle of Dogs Living Archive and their first project which is ‘Island Protests of the 80s’. If you remember the protests or are interested in being an interviewer, an interviewee or a researcher, or just curious why not drop into the event.

Docklands Armada

Photo : Mike Seaborne

Launch Evening – 7pm on Wednesday 4th May at St Johns Community Centre, Glengall Grove, E14 3N

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