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The Viking Sea Cruise Ship around the Isle of Dogs



Cruise Liners are a regular sight making their way around the Isle of Dogs to berth at Greenwich or even occasionally Tower Bridge, however very few ships arrive to be named and christened on the Thames.

eric pemb12323

The Viking Sea taken down to Greenwich yesterday ( Photo by Eric Pemberton )

Yesterday saw the arrival of Viking Ocean Cruises latest ship, the Viking Sea which slowly made its way to Greenwich to take part in its  naming and christening ceremony. At a weighty 47,800-ton, the Viking Sea is the largest ship to be named in London and the ship was welcomed by 48 able seamen, who manned the yardarms of the Cutty Sark – the iconic 19th Century British clipper ship which is in dry dock in Greenwich.


Fireworks at Greenwich ( Photo Laureen Katiyo )

Last night as part of the celebrations, a short and dramatic firework display lit up the sky above Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs.


Fireworks at Greenwich ( Photo Laureen Katiyo )

The Viking Sea is one of the largest ocean liners to visit Greenwich which is a popular berth for cruise ships, the ship boasts 465 cabins and can accommodate 930 passengers.


Viking Sea at berth in Greenwich ( Photo Laureen Katiyo )

Viking Sea is the second of six ocean cruise ships currently planned for the fleet. The third and fourth ships, Viking Sky and Viking Sun are under construction and will be delivered in 2017.


This afternoon, the ship made its way back up the Thames to set sail for Bergen, and from there she will continue on to Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm.


If you missed the opportunity to see the ship, it will be returning in June as part of Viking’s new Into the Midnight Sun itinerary that sails between London and Bergen and explores the Arctic Circle.




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