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Reflections on the London Marathon 2016 by Dawn Wedajo


I was delighted to receive a piece about the London Marathon by contributor, Dawn Wedajo which helps to explain why the event is so special. In many ways it brings people together to offer encouragement to the thousands who are running for a variety of reasons and causes. Runners enter the Island at around 15 miles and depart at around 19 miles, for many runners this can be a time of real struggle and they tend to need some encouragement. This post also gives me the opportunity to feature some of these runners who are an inspiration for the many thousands that watch the race each year.


Sunday morning, the temperature was fairly cool although better than what had been forecast. I managed to bag myself a great vantage point along with many others on the East Ferry road. I could hear the rumble of trains in the background  even amongst the lively chatter in the crowd.


 More and more people began to arrive and the atmosphere began to build. Families, couples and friends. Some of the younger children held plastic batons and as the athletes came into view the batons were used to make as much noise as possible to spur the runners on their way. Others  munched on burgers and ice cream as they watched even though it wasn’t a particularly warm day.


I often feel humbled and inspired after watching the London Marathon 2016. It was fantastic to see so many individuals of all ages and abilities running, for me that’s the beauty of witnessing this incredible event up close and personal. Seeing amazing elite athletes as well as fun runners just makes this day a bit more special and memorable.


Another important aspect of the event is that it brings out a sense of community. The crowds yell their support for athletes with enthusiasm, encouraging words, loud applause and rapturous cheers.


From time to time the sun made brief appearances from behind thick grey clouds. Still, the runners kept coming, many tired, some slowed their pace considerably others were exhilarated but collectively all were focused on completing all twenty-six gruelling miles to reach the finish line.


I’m not much of a runner myself but I was inspired never the less. Who knows next year It could be my turn.

Many thanks to Dawn for her contribution and congratulations to all who took part in the London Marathon.