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Super Yacht Grace E in West India Dock – 1st June 2016


After the visits from ships in the Royal Navy, today saw the arrival of the Super Yacht Grace E in West India Dock. Although the docks gets visits from a number of Super Yachts, Grace E has a number of unusual features.


The 239.50ft/73m was built-in the Picchiotti shipyard and launched in 2014, no expense was spared on the exterior styled by Philippe Briand and interior designed by Remi Tessier. The quality of the design led to the Grace E to receive a number of awards at the Yacht Show Awards the year she was launched including Motor Yacht of the Year.


One of the unusual features of the yacht is that is powered by hybrid diesel-electric plants which means it is exceptionally quiet when underway and at-anchor.  Grace E offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites . She is also capable of carrying up to 22 crew onboard. The yacht has a sauna, gym, spa, massage suite, hydrotherapy bath, and even a hair salon.


In a busy West India Dock, the Grace E was able to give a demonstration of another unusual feature, the yacht has a dynamic positioning system which allows her to remain stationary without the use of an anchor. This gives yacht great manoeuvrability around ports, with only a few metres spare, she was able do manage a 180 degree turn in the tight confines of the dock.


The Grace E is owned by a Florida billionaire and is estimated to have cost around £100 million. As usual in the secret world of Super Yachts it is not known how long Grace E will be in West India Dock or the reason for the visit.


Whilst waiting for the Grace E to enter the dock, the liner Berlin went past the O2 and up the Thames to dock at Tower Bridge.