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HMS Kent in West India Dock – 5th October 2016


Last afternoon saw the arrival of HMS Kent which is one of the Type 23 frigates within the Royal Navy. This is the second visit to the dock in 2016, the HMS Kent last visited in May when she was preparing to make making her way to Scotland take part in the Battle of Jutland centenary commemorations, in which she  played a central role.


The ship was built by BAE Systems on the Clyde and was launched in 1998 by Princess Alexandra of Kent. The ship has a length of 133 m (436 ft 4 in), beam of 16.1 m (52 ft 10 in) and can carry a crew of up to 205.



HMS Kent is the twelfth ship that has had this name in the Royal Navy and has travelled the world since her launch in a number of deployments. The ship has been involved in a number of anti-piracy and anti-drug missions in recent years including actions against smugglers, pirates and terrorists.

The purpose of the visit is not known at this time or how long the ship will be berthed in West India Dock.


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