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Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf – 16th to 27th January 2017



After the excitement of the festive period, January can often seem gloomy but the return of the Winter Lights Festival offers some light related excitement with 30 spectacular light installations throughout Canary Wharf.


The sculptures, structures and installations are the creations of some of the most innovative artists and designers from around the world who present work in the many different forms of light technology. Many of the pieces have never been exhibited in the UK before such as Angels of Freedom that contains a deep underlying message, discouraging discrimination through interaction.


OVO which immerses visitors in unique and beautiful light structures, whilst On Your Wavelength is a mind-powered laser and sound installation using participants’ brain activity to choreograph beautiful light patterns.


Live graffiti crafted from light is on show over the weekend of 21st and 22nd January with Luma Paint Light Graffiti and Nonotak perform live on 20th and 21st January. Other highlights include Water Wall which uses a mist screen to interact with visitors as they create beautiful patterns on a wall of water. For contemplation, The Garden of Floating Words conjures a peaceful note giving the impression that a cluster of glowing neon words are floating in the foliage creating a poem of transience. Liter of Light draws attention to world issues highlighting the need to give light to undeveloped countries in a work co-created by local schoolchildren.


The illuminations will be in different locations throughout Canary Wharf  and you can download the brochure here to find out more about the festival and the whole list of illuminations and  locations.


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