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Brazilian Navy Tall Ship Cisne Branco in West India Dock

After the recent visit of the Peruvian tall ship BAP Union,  we welcome another South American tall ship with the arrival of the Cisne Branco of the Brazilian Navy.

Cisne Branco which means “white swan.” was built in the Daman shipyard in Amsterdam and was launched in 1999, the ship was commissioned as a Brazilian naval vessel in 2000.

Cisne Branco made her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil. The ship’s design was inspired by 19th century clippers and is sleek and fast like many of its predecessors.

Like many of these naval tall ships, the Cisne Branco is used to promote Brazilian Navy and Brazilian culture but has a functional use in training the cadets of the Brazilian Naval School, Academy of Merchant Marine, and other naval schools. She also takes part in tall ship races and regatta around the world.

The ship is 74 m (243 ft) long, has a beam of 10 m (33 ft), height of 46 m (151 ft) and carries a crew of around 140.

Many of these ships tend to be open to the public when they are in dock, however the details are not known at this time.

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