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On Board the Brazilian Navy Tall Ship Cisne Branco in West India Dock


After yesterday’s arrival of the Cisne Branco of the Brazilian Navy, this morning I decided to have a closer look at the tall ship. Whilst taking a few pictures, I was invited to step on board and have a look around.

Although smaller than the recent visitor to the dock BAP Union, the Cisne Branco is much sleeker which reflected the ships design that was inspired by 19th century clippers.

There is something very nostalgic about these tall ships even if they have built recently, the Cisne Branco which means “white swan.” was built in the Daman shipyard in Amsterdam and was launched in 1999, the ship was commissioned as a Brazilian naval vessel in 2000.

Like many of these naval tall ships, the Cisne Branco is used to promote Brazilian Navy and Brazilian culture and the crew is made up of permanent crew and cadets of the Brazilian Naval School, Academy of Merchant Marine, and other naval schools.

Talking to some of the crew, the ship left Brazil in April and is due to return to its base in Rio in October.

The good news is that the ship will open to the public from 1pm today and open everyday till the ship departs on Saturday.

So if you would like to visit  a working tall ship, take this opportunity to have a look around.


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