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A Spring Stroll to Island Gardens and Mudchute Park and Farm

Last week when it looked like Spring had finally arrived, I put on my walking shoes and wandered around Island Gardens and Mudchute Park and Farm. Arriving at Island Gardens it was with some surprise to see that the Calder Wharf development had started. The development has been the subject of some controversy due to its design which brings the property right up to the Island Gardens wall and dominates the dome where the foot tunnel is located. First impressions are not very good and the local community is still seeking answers to why the development has been allowed to go ahead without adequate consultation.  

Better news was a flag that denoted that Island Gardens had been selected to receive a Green Flag award which is a national quality standard for parks and green spaces.

Wandering around the gardens it was easy to why the award was given, spring flowers were in abundance and the blossom was on the trees.

One of the most unique features of the gardens is the view across to Greenwich, this famous view is still one of the great views of London and has remained largely unspoiled for centuries.

We are very fortunate on the Island that we have Island Gardens and Mudchute Park and Farm. Spring is a wonderful time to visit the farm with spring lambs running around the field. Local children stood captivated as the different breeds of sheep showed off their young lambs. The lambs began racing each other around the field till it was time for a drink.

The sheep were not the only attractions, the Alpaca were enjoying the sunshine as were the various horses and donkeys.

It is remarkable that in the middle of an urban scene that you can watch sheep in the field and the various animals enjoying the more rural location.

If you suffer from some the strains of urban life, why not take a wander to Island Gardens and Mudchute and enjoy the wonderful surroundings.


  1. Coral Rutterford says:

    What a beautiful area to explore and to enjoy sharing the adjoining area of concrete and steel and even more to be maybe added later. How differently I remember the times I ventured from Poplar where I lived in late 1940’s – early 1950’s. At that time I was attending George Green’s Grammar School, then situated in East India Dock Rd and our games of hockey and netball were held at playing fields on the Isle of Dogs, I can’t remember the name of the area but do recall seeing the Mc Dougall’s Flour sign prominently displayed as I looked around from the playing grounds.
    My parents decided I should learn to play the piano, why, I wondered as we did not have a piano and never did aquire one. However they decided to fork out 1/2d weekly for the dubious privi
    lege for me to aspire to Winifred Attwell fame maybe. The 1 hour lesson cost 1 shilling and the 2d was my bus fare to and from Millwall. I did not get past the first month of lessons.Enough said!!

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