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French Navy ships : Léopard (A 748), Panthère (A 749) and Lion (A 755) in West India Dock.

After a very quiet period in West India Dock, we welcome the arrival of three training ships of the French Navy. Léopard (A 748), Panthère (A 749) and Lion (A 755) are Léopard-class training ships which are used for navigational and practical training of potential French officers.

In the 1970s, the French Navy decided to build eight vessels to provide practical training in the operation and navigation of naval vessels. Lion were built by La Perrière in Lorient, and Panthere and Leopard were built by Ateliers et Chantiers de la Manche (ACM) in Saint-Malo in the early 1980s.

These types of vessels have been regular visitors in the last few years, but I do believe these particular ships last visited in 2013.

The ships of this class usually have a crew composed of 1 officer, 10 sailors, and 4 quartermasters; plus 1 or 2 officers, 2 instructors, and 18 students.

Still in the dock is the Marienborgh yacht, so for a short time we have plenty of interest in the dock rather than watching the various developments around the dock moving higher and higher.

I expect the visit is just part of the training on the ships and it is not known how long the vessels will be in the dock.



  1. AJBC says:

    Another two due in to WID early hours tomorrow.morning.

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