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Lumps and Bumps: Let’s Talk Cancer – 6th December 2020



Health has been uppermost on most people’s minds this year and recently I was contacted by two student-led groups at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry about a community, interactive webinar on Cancer which aims to bring awareness on the signs and symptoms of cancer as well as how to self-check and get the appropriate help.

The groups are ROCK (Reconnecting Our Community through Kindness) which has the aim of encouraging students to engage in community activities and Oncology Society (OncoSoc), which is an academic group focused on all aspects of cancer management, from primary care screening to cutting-edge research.

The event is called: “Lumps & Bumps: Let’s Talk Cancer”

The purpose of this event is to:

  • Raise awareness of cancers that affect both males and females (looking at cervical/testicular, breast, bowel and lung cancer – the online event will be segregated for males and females to allow everyone to feel comfortable )
  • Highlight the signs and symptoms of cancer
  • How to self check yourself – including live explanations
  • Who and where to go for help and advice
  • De-bunking myths surrounding cancer
  • Followed by a live Q&A with a GP

The groups hope that raising awareness on this sensitive topic will help increase the likelihood of self-checking and encourage members within the community to visit their GP early when something does not look right.

The groups make it very clear that the webinar does not replace the need for people to visit their GP if they have any concerns, but should help people be more aware of what is concerning and have more confidence to book and attend an appointment.

The webinar takes place on Zoom on the 6th of December 2020 from 2-3:30 pm.

The link to register is as follows:  https://bit.ly/LetsTalkCancer

Bright Lights, Colour and Diversity: Photographs by Loren Brand

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Isle of Dogs Life has over the years showcased a number of talented individuals who live on the Island and recently I was contacted by Loren Brand who is developing her career as a photographer and videographer.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Loren was kind enough to send over a number of photographs that illustrate her skills and provided some background about why she is inspired by the Isle of Dogs and London.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

I grew up in Scotland in a coastal area of outstanding scenery and beautiful beaches but I was drawn to cities and moved firstly to Edinburgh and then on to London. I moved to the Isle of Dogs 4 years ago and love how connected it is, by river, road, tube and DLR.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

After spending most of my working life in finance and asset management, I felt that I wanted to be more creative and was drawn to photography. I bought my first DSLR and I’ve very happily dedicated myself to it ever since.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

I’m drawn to bright lights, colour and diversity. A theme I’m keen on is the mix of old and new. London in general and the Isle of Dogs in particular has all of these elements.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

I follow a lot of photographers on Instagram so I’m inspired on a daily basis by fabulous photography from around the world. I particularly like the work of Jon Herbert (London photography), Nigel Danson (landscape photography), Peter McKinnon (a Canadian and prolific YouTuber) and fellow Scot, Albert Watson, who’s an all round photographer, comfortable with people, landscapes and detail.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

I try to capture beauty in my images and want to share that so during the coronavirus restrictions I’ve switched my focus to developing images good enough to offer as large (and small) scale prints. Just recently I’ve worked on getting an initial small selection of these onto my website.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

What I really like about Loren’s work is her night photography that gives a very different perspective from what you normally see. She also manages to capture some of the stunning sunsets over the City of London.

If you would like to see more of Loren’s work, go to her website here  and Instagram account here