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Connected by Light at Canary Wharf from 2 December 2020 to 27 February 2021

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Although the Canary Wharf annual Winter Lights festival has been postponed, the estate has decided to bring some colour and light to the area with Connected by Light which is a specially curated collection of nine light artworks.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Local photographer Loren Brand on a cold chilly night went to have a look at these new works which aim to bring a sense of calm and reflection in these difficult times as well as a much-needed splash of colour as the winter nights draw in.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Tetra Park by Mandylights, Westferry Circus
Tetra Park is a geometric artwork that explores colour progressions through a complicated series of linear pathways. The series of stars sometimes appear to work together, while at other times the installation breaks down into seemingly chaotic colour. Their star forms remain true throughout though; shining as bold forms in the night for anyone who follows their path.

The Stories Under Our Feet by Elisa Artesero, Jubilee Park
A poetry trail across Jubilee Park is created by ephemeral shadows of text cast out from underneath the benches. Each cluster of benches form micro poems of a larger poem across the site. These dream-like poems encourage moments of contemplation, connection, and wonder.

Newfoundland Reflections by Hawthorn, viewing point at Mackenzie Walk
Newfoundland is a new Canary Wharf icon and a striking addition to the skyline. This stunning building will soon open its doors to its first residents but before then, we have transformed it into a beaming spectacle of light. Watch the colourful patterns evolve and glow in the waters below.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Colour Cubed by Mandylights, Wren Landing
Colour Cubed is a simple exploration of the beauty that comes from a single light source. While we are constantly surrounded by vibrant displays of constant technology, the artwork uses a single traditional lamp along with long-used coloured glass techniques to cast a display of coloured light just as brilliant, dominant and inspiring as any other artwork or object in our lives.

Office Party by Parker Heyl, 20 Water Street

2020 has been defined by quarantine and social distancing, with many Londoners now working from home. “Office Party” comes from the playful idea that our work spaces may come to life in our absence. The blinds’ unexpected movement in an office after the workers have left, creates a moment of magic. 

Curious Fluorious by Baker & Borowski, Crossrail Place Roof Garden
Artists Baker & Borowski are turning Lewis Carroll’s much-loved Alice in Wonderland into a magical fluoro installation for the modern day – Curious Fluorious. The installation features giant sculptural pieces that transform the space with a luminous glow, creating selfie moments aplenty, as we head on a magical journey through Crossrail Place Roof Gardens.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Murmuration by Squidsoup, Montgomery Square
Several hundred networked orbs, each containing lights and speakers, visualise a swarm of networked data moving through real space. Welcome to Murmuration, a piece originally inspired by the flight patterns of flocks of starlings, here transformed into digital form, but navigating and negotiating its way around the physical location of Canary Wharf’s Montgomery Square. Originally commissioned by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, AZ.

Ghost Trees by Tom Wilkinson, Middle Dock
Ghost Trees is a site-specific artwork that draws attention to an extraordinary prehistorical event. When the East India docks were constructed in 1790 evidence was found of the remains of a great subterranean forest in a state of preservation the trees were not scattered or dispersed but lay in regular order.These rings of light represent these hidden trees, glowing from under the dock’s surface.

© Photograph by Loren Brand

Neon Tree by Hawthorn, Canada Square Park

The artworks will be on display from Wednesday 2 December until 27 February to ensure visitors can take their time to enjoy them. Some installations can be viewed at any time of day, but others will only come to life after dark so, we advise you visit after dusk. All installations will be switched off at 10pm daily.

If you would like to see more of Loren’s work, go to her website here  and Instagram account here


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