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Urban Sublime: An exhibition of paintings by the Urban Contemporaries and guests at the Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street from 4th July to 16th July 2022

Frank Creber, Glenkerry House

Regular readers will know that we often feature the artwork of Frank Creber who is an artist with over thirty years experience of working with community groups in Bromley by Bow. Frank has charted the connection between redevelopment and their impact on local communities and has created work related to Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs.

Frank Creber, The Yellow Bridge

I am delighted to say that Frank and a group of artists are holding a new exhibition that explores the theme of the Urban Condition.

Jane Palm-Gold, Homeless In St. Giles-in-the-Fields Churchyard During Lockdown Awaiting Soup Kitchen

Frank is part of a group called Urban Contemporaries which are a number of figurative painters aiming to explore the city experience. A motivation for the artists of the Urban Contemporaries is to create exhibitions made up purely of paintings and so to offer an opportunity to weigh the qualities and virtues of the medium.

Ferha Farooqui, Landscape and memory

It presents the ways contemporary painters continue to develop their language, finding links to the past and applying them to living, contemporary subject matter.

Melissa Scott-Miller, Hillmarton Road at night

Many of the paintings explore the energy and tension of modern life examining particular places and scenes of the city environment.

Sarah Lowe, Latte to go

Many of the artists in Urban Contemporaries create works that meticulously record from life in all its elements.

Philippa Beale Leicester Square 2000

The artists who make up the 16 Urban Contemporaries and the invited guest artists offer dynamic, thought provoking contemplations of the city environment, and the, predominantly, figurative nature of the works make them accessible to all audiences.

Artists: Philippa Beale, Trevor Burgess, Frank Creber, Susanne du Toit, Gethin Evans, Ferha Farooqui, Annette Fernando, Timothy Hyman RA, Michael Johnson, Sarah Lowe, Elizabeth McCarten, Jane Palm-Gold, Alex Pemberton, Melissa Scott-Miller, Grant Watson, Charles Williams.

Coningsby Gallery
30 Tottenham Street
London, W1T 4RJ

Opening hours: 9:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday
Weekend opening hours: 12pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th July