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Athough not a born and bred ‘Islander’ , it did not take me long to fall under it’s spell.

The Isle of Dogs is a place of great contrasts  and contradictions but is home to thousands and the work destination of many thousands more.

My interest in local history led me into many of the nooks and crannies of the island and led to an idea of  spreading it’s magic futher afield. For even in London the ‘island’ is relatively unknown and understood.

In recent years I have followed the Grand Master of all blogs , the gentle author and his site Spitalfields Life.

Therefore i unashamedly follow his path , not in frequency and scope ,that is beyond most people.

But I will chart the people and places of this little piece of the East End.

Happy reading

The Islander


  1. diditwister says:

    Thank you! I am new to the Island and I would like to get to know more about it. Do you know of any groups that organise meet ups to visit?

    • Hi
      Welcome to the Island, there are a number of walks that go around the Island but they are often sporadic, so it helps to keep reading the local press. The Friends of Island History trust often has events if you would to find out more.
      Reading the local blogs will show some of the unusual aspects of Island Life.

  2. enfield67 says:

    I love visiting the Isle of Dogs and discovering more of its history. Your blog has certainly helped me discover more. I also love Spitalfields Life blog and that made me start my own!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment, I really like your writing style it is very observational and certainly humorous. I admire your forays into fortress Barbican, it is the most confusing building in London, just when you think you know where you are going I tend to get lost again. I think many of us bloggers owe a gratitude of thanks to the Gentle Author who shows what can be done even in your own backyard.
      Good luck with the blog.

  3. Alicia says:


    I´m very glad that I´ve found your blog! I have to write an assingment for one of my subjects (it´s called “Seminarfach”) in school. It´s abaout the history of swimming and I really want to thank you for your good information about John Trudgen. Have you got some other informations around the theme of the history of competetive swimming in the last century? Or maybe do you now other good English websites ? I haven´t found many German articles yet, but hopefully my teacher will accept that I use some in English. You gave me a good inspiration. Thank you once again, I really like your blog ! 😀

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