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We are based on the Isle of Dogs

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  1. Eilis Sweeney says:

    Hi, do you have any old photos of Ferry Street? Particularly looking on the Ferry House Pub?

  2. Norah Dear says:

    Just by chance seen your site and Carol’s memories of Alton St.School in the 40s – I too went there, Your photo of the lady in fur and the American food parcels was takem at Alton St School – I have one of those photos showing my younger sister being presented with a large parcel. The film star was Paulette Goddard. I don’t remember what was in the parcels but think they were shared out. I too remember our visits to the Queens Theatre. We used to go on Spotlight night when a torch was shone into the audience from the stage to pick out winners of small prizes. And when the pantomime used miniature ponies we went to see them where they were being kept.

  3. Doreen Boon says:

    This is not a reply but a question. I was evacuated 1st September 1939 aged 10 from the isle of dogs school to Wells Somerset, the whole school went, I lived at 304 Glengall Grove right oposite the School. Have you any information on this event we were put on Buses the train. I cannot seem to find any information on this mass evacuation from the Isle of Dogs. I am Doreen Boon. Nee North

  4. sufi says:

    Hi is it possible for me to buy a picture of your company,sufi from limehouse e14

  5. Ron Wiggins says:

    Hi could you please let me know your address as I wish to order another Callendar for my sister thankyou.

  6. essexandrew says:

    Gret aerticke about Bow which is getting attention from others – thank you. https://twitter.com/EastLondonGroup/status/562730250191523842

  7. Vera Murphy says:

    can you let me know if i am still a member? also is their a calendar for 2016?

  8. Natalie Muscat says:

    I have MUCH better photos of the NATO ships if you’d like?

  9. Roger Wilkinson says:

    Most interesting article about Bow Brewery and India Pale Ale. I understood that Duncan Dunbar (of Dunbar Wharf, Limehouse) was an early large scale exporter of India Pale Ale, from the nearby brewery (later the site of the Taylor Walker brewery). Where does he fit into the picture ?

    • Hi Roger,

      This is often some confusion between Duncan Dunbar and Hodgson’s Bow Brewery. There is no evidence that Dunbar’s brewed India Pale Ale before Hodgson but it is highly likely that Dunbar carried beer to India and beyond. His fleet of ships carried a wide range of cargo all around the world.
      There is no doubt that Hodgson’s IPA was the most popular brand in India for a number of years but other people did brew and send beer to India, Dunbar being just one of many. Dunbar was unusual that he owned ships and a brewery, so it was a natural fit but Hodgson had his connection with the east India company to give him an advantage over his competitors. It is a fascinating topic but quite difficult to find proof of what really happened because certain myths are recounted time and time again.

  10. peter Higginbottom says:

    Re article on Frederick Garrard – did you mean St Paul’s in Rome or did you mean St Peter’s.

    Also great display of his tiles in Cragside – the Northumberland home of Lord Armstrong

  11. Louise Prince says:

    Hi, thanks for the article on the Blackwall Tunnel, very interesting. Familyn history rumour has it that my great great grandfather worked on the construction of the tunnel. He apparently lost a leg in an accident whilst working on the construction. Do you have any access to any further records of the tunnel’s construction, or know where I could look? Thanks!

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank you for the comment,
      I have had a quick look around various places for further information but
      only found out that six workers died working on the project, but nothing about injuries.
      If you have a rough date, perhaps local newspapers may be a way to find out.
      Wishing you look on your research.

  12. Hello there , my late grandmother lived on the Isle of Dogs – Millwall Docks during the 1920’s. her parents ran the Sailors Rest home. I don’t think it s still standing ! Does anyone have a picture by chance or know of its exact address? Would the museum of London be a good , ahem ‘port of call’ for such info ? all the best , Simon.

  13. R. Nicol says:

    My great grandfather Alexander Castle was fireman on Vessel Oithona of the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company when she was alongside the Aberdeen Wharf in the 1891 census taken 2nd April 1891 . Are there any pictures of this ship at the wharf and how is the ship’s name pronounced?

  14. Jed Stu says:

    Please may I ask, if anyone has ever come across George Henry Mitchell undertakers or Thorp Funeral directors – undertakers, Trading at No. 217 E. India Dock Road, Poplar?

    Also, are there possibly any old adverts, documentation and/or photographs of the building and shop, or even the shops next to it?

    I also wondered, whether anybody possibly has any burial or cemetery details, which may include the Mitchell or Thorp names, as undertakers

    I very much look forward to hearing from you, my best wishes.
    Jed Stu

  15. GEORGE DONOVAN says:

    Hello’ Can you tell me who was the contributor of the articall on the Millwall Poultry Club. I also was a member in 1947/8 and Charlie Sieloff who was the principle is related to me

  16. Annie Devine says:

    I bet I’m the only person here to visit Lake Ballard in W Australia this year?
    Antony Gormley’s sculptures were absolutely fabulous, but weird, in a v eerie place.
    We felt the sky was lower! Three of us, and a million flies arrgh!
    I’d love to see his work in London. Can anyone recommend?
    Thanks, Annie

  17. Graeme Hughes says:

    Hello, My Nan died in 1940 as a result of a German bomb exploding in the basement of Grosvenor buildings Poplar and taking out an adjacent air raid Shelter. Would you have or know where I can get any further info on this event.
    Thank you,

  18. stepkneegirl says:

    Appears Alf gardener and I have the same ancestor in Gideon woolfe and would love to read the book or even better to glen anything he knows about him.

  19. Hi Do you have a date for or other info about Eric Pemberton’s postcard of Bow Road ( Vic meeting Elsie) ? I am putting together some “ history” for a friend who was born in St Andrew’s hospital in the 1930s. Thank you

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