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French Navy Ship Andromede in West India Dock


Andromede M643

The winter months is a lean time for visitors to West India Dock, therefore it is a pleasure to welcome the French Navy ship Andromede into the dock today.


The Andromede (M643) is an Eridan-class Mine countermeasures vessel  that was built as part of  a Tripartite fleet of ships undertaken by the French, Belgian and Dutch navies.


The Tripartite class of mine warfare vessel were built in the 1980s , the Andromede  was built at Lorient shipyard and entered service in 1984.


The ship saw action in the Gulf war in 1991 and is presently based in Brest.

Last year, West India Dock welcomed a number of French Navy ships of this type when they were on exercises.

There is currently no information why the ship is here or for how long.