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West India Dock Visitors Review 2013

DSC03686 (2)

One of our more unusual visitors, the futuristic  Turanor Planet Solar

We have been fortunate this year to have had a wide range of visitors to the West India Docks.

Let me remind you of some of our most notable visitors.


MS Stubnitz –  a East German made ex fishing vessel


HMS Lancaster – Royal Navy


HMCS Iroquois – Canadian Navy

The Gorch Fock – tall ship belonging to the German Navy



L’ Aigle –  Eridan Class Mine Warfare Vessel of the French Navy.


HMS Richmond – Royal Navy

STS Tenacious –  a wooden sail training ship

F.S. Cormoran  is a Flamant class patrol vessel in the French Navy

MV Arctic Sunrise an Icebreaker ship operated by Greenpeace


Currently held by the Russian Government for Trespass and Piracy

French Training Ships

A748 Léopard,  A749 Panthère,  A750 Jaguar , A751 Lynx , A752 Guépard , A753 , Chacal A754 , Tigre,  A755 Lion.



Montigne – Super Schooner


Turanor Planet Solar – Solar panel powered

Stad Amsterdam – Tall ship

Big Eagle – Super Yacht

Amerigo Vespucci – Italian Navy Tall Ship



Light Holic – Super Yacht

Stavros S Niarchos – British brig-rigged tall ship

HMS Northumberland F239 – Royal Navy


Odessa II – Super Yacht

Sea Owl – Super Yacht


FS Eridan  (M641) – French Navy Minesweeper

HMS Tyne (P281) – Royal Navy


Massey Shaw – Historical Fireboat


Other Highlights

City of Adelaide at Greenwich

Great River Race

Clipper around the World Race.

The Gorch Fock in West India Dock – Part Two


Gorch Foch amongst the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf

A little bit like steam trains, a tall ship with sails and a network of rigging conjures up images of nostagia.

If you are British and of a certain age it is very difficult to see a sailing ship without the soundtrack of the Onedin Line playing around somewhere in your mind.


The Gorch Fock next to the old dock cranes with the O2 in the background.


Entering the Dock.


Hard astern


Two German ships Gorch Fock and MS Stubnitz

The German Tall Ship The Gorch Fock in West India Dock


Today we have an impressive visitor in West India Dock in the shape of The Gorch Fock which is a tall ship belonging to the German Navy . She is the  second ship of that title named after a German writer who died at the battle of Jutland.


She was built as a training ship in 1958 after the original was taken by the Russians after the Second World War.


The Gorch Fock is known as a three-masted barque which measures 266 ft long and 40ft wide.


For the technical minded she is a Type 441 class with a number A60.


To see what she looks like with sails unfurled, here is an amazing picture from one of her voyages.


Her other claim to fame was that the ship appeared on a 10 Deutsche Mark banknote from 1960 to 1990.

German 10-Mark-banknote,

Up to 14,000 cadets have been trained  on the  ship  over the 50 years since her launch, however in recent years the ship has been at the centre of a scandal regarding the treatment of the cadets after an alleged mutiny when one of the cadets died after falling from the rigging in 2010.


According the German Embassy website:

The ship will be open for the public for a visit on Saturday, 27 April 2013 from 2pm to 5pm at her berthing place at South Quay in the West India Docks. Due to Health and Safety regulations visitors should be at least 12 years old and wear proper footwear.

It also may be open Monday 2pm – 5pm.