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West India Dock Visitors Review 2018

It is that time of the year when people begin to review the past 12 months, carrying on the tradition from previous years, we are listing the ships that have visited West India Docks in the last year.

The development surrounding West India Dock and Canary Wharf seems to have had a considerable effect on the numbers visiting the dock. It has been a very quiet year for visitors in the dock, however we did welcome an interesting mix of ships and boats.

Some old Tall Ships favourites returned with Lord Nelson and Tenacious, other tall ships included Atyla and Marienborgh. We also had the Tall Ships Youth Trust Challenger Fleet on a visit.

Superyachts included the WindQuest Catamaran, Reef Chief, Forever One and the Lady A.

French Navy ships included Lynx, Guépard, Léopard, Panthère and Lion.

The Marienborgh yacht seems to be permanently in the dock and Tenacious has been berthed for several weeks.

The Massey Shaw, The Portwey and the Lord Amory which are permanently moored in the dock provide year round interest.

With all the development, it is unlikely that in the foreseeable future that numbers visiting will pick up quickly but we will keeping our eye on the many different ships that circle around the Isle of Dogs.

This year we spotted Superyacht Elandess, BNS Crocus, cruise liners Viking Star and MV Ocean Majesty.

May we wish all our readers a Happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming new visitors to the dock in the New Year.

French Fleet at West India Dock – Part Two


The French Fleet

Late last night saw the arrival of four more French Navy ships into West India Dock. The Lynx , Guepard, Tigre and Chacal were joined by the  Lion, Leopard, Jaguar and Panthere. To have so many Navy ships at one time in the dock is unusual and the Fleets  arrival was shrouded in mystery but I can now reveal that they are on a training exercise mostly surrounding navigation and will be departing on Monday to travel onto Belgium.

Full list of Ships:

A748 Léopard
A749 Panthère
A750 Jaguar
A751 Lynx
A752 Guépard
A753 Chacal
A754 Tigre
A755 Lion


West India Dock


The Panthere and Jaguar


The Leopard and Lion


Part of the fleet

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The French Fleet at West India Dock

French Fleet arrive in West India Dock


Friday saw the arrival of four French Navy training ships  they are all Leopard class

A751    Lynx
A752  Guépard
A753  Chacal
A754 Tigre

The purpose of the visit seems to be a bit of a mystery , but it is rumoured four other ships will be arriving later.




Guepard and Tigre


Lynx and Chacal