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Picture the Moment – The Photographs of Roxy Kapranos


Shadows (Paris)

One of the pleasures of writing a blog is that you find a lot of talented people who live in or are inspired by the Isle of Dogs. A few weeks ago I came across the work of Roxy Kapranos , Roxy is a local photographer who has lived on the Island for over six years and often uses local locations as the backdrop to her photo shoots.


Divers (Dubai)

Photography has been a life long passion for Roxy  and was often found taking pictures with her father’s camera as she was  taken around the ancient sites in Greece by her parents. She can still remember the excitement of returning home to the UK  and helping her father process the photographs in a small lab.


She still likes to take photographs in exotic places as illustrated by the photographs from Dubai and Paris.

Family L

However Roxy is really in demand for her portrait photography and family photography, although she does some conventionally posed photographs, her aim is to produce a more spontaneous and natural photographs. Her philosophy is based on that the more formal photography does not always allow for the sitter’s personality to come through and when photographing children especially you have to often get them to forget the camera is there and allow them to behave naturally.


To achieve this she will often travel to outside settings such as a garden or even Mudchute farm to make sure everyone is relaxed and she is better able to capture those moments that show the individuals personality and shows the interaction between different members of the family.


Roxy makes the point that even though many people have a camera, many families will have photographs where there is often an important member of the family missing ! the one taking the photographs.

It is often later in life when people realise they do not have many photographs of someone special to them.


This may suggest that it would be useful in having an outside photographer who can sometimes ensure there are at least some occasions that the whole family can be photographed together.

2nd Birthday

If  you would like to see more of Roxy’s work or find more information, visit her website here