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Mindfulness at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden – Saturday 17th October 2015


Mindfulness is often in the news, but what is it ? Well you can find out more by attending a free taster session in the Crossrail Place Roof Garden.

The sessions will be held in Canary Wharf Group’s community performance space within the garden and will be run by the BeingWell mindfulness social enterprise.

The event is part the nationwide Social Saturday Awareness Campaign promoting the importance of using businesses that put people and planet first. There are at least 70,000 businesses in the UK that are classed as social enterprises who use part or all their profits for good causes. The BeingWell are one such social enterprise  who are based in East London  who use a  proportion of  their profits  towards rolling out mindfulness to economically disadvantaged groups.


The taster sessions will take place on  Saturday 17th October 2015 between 3pm to 5pm. The session is free but you must book via the website.

If you would like to book for Saturday’s taster session or find out more, visit the BeingWell site here