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Springtime at Mudchute Park and Farm 2015


It is that time of the year when walking around building sites on the Isle of Dogs begins to lose some of its appeal and I yearn for the countryside. To satisfy this urge, I pick up my rucksack, put on my walking boots and set forth.  Fortunately when you live on the Isle of Dogs, the countryside is not far away, in fact it is only a short walk down the Island to Mudchute Farm.


Once through the gates of the Park and Farm you are transported into another world of snoring pigs and Free range children.


There are sheep grazing in the fields, donkeys and Shetland ponies eating grass and the sound of baas of lambs in the distance.


Before I get too carried away, it may be as well to tell the uninitiated of the delights of Mudchute Park and Farm.


Mudchute Park & Farm is one of the largest inner City Farms in Europe with a wonderful collection of British rare breeds and currently home to over 100 animals and fowl. Set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London, Mudchute is a community charity, with a working farm, stables, a children’s nursery and a wide range of education activities.


The Park and Farm were established by the local Island community in the 1970’s when there were plans to build a high rise estate on the land. The success of the campaign against these plans led to the creation of the Mudchute Association which was formed to preserve and develop the area. Since then it has become a London wide attraction loved by adults and children alike.


One of the ironies of the site is that the area was formed in the 19th century by the waste matter dredged up by the construction of Millwall Dock. This foul-smelling mud put off any prospective developers of the land and it remained derelict for much of the 20th century. Another irony was that the mud was actually full of minerals and nutrients and provided ideal growing conditions for the many allotments that were built on the site.


In April, the Park and Farm have a number of events for all the family.

April 1st-2nd
Easter Eggstravaganza
Living Classroom

April 1st-2nd
Easter Bunny Visits

April 2nd
Easter Egg and Prize Hunt
starting at the Mudchute Shop

Search for Easter eggs and prizes! To start the egg hunt, collect your egg hunt sheets from the shop located in our Main Courtyard. There will be 3 age categories: Under 5 years, 5-8 years, and over 8 years. Taking part costs £1 per child with one egg per child.
April 2nd
Easter Bonnet Parade
12.30-12.50 (bonnet making)
1.45-2.30pm (parade)
Lower Paddock

Come take part in the annual Mudchute Easter Bonnet parade! Bring your bonnet or make your own from 12.30-12.50 in the barn for a £2 donation for materials.

April 25th
Wool Crafting at Mudchute
opposite Mudchute Kitchen

Calling all who knit, crochet, felt, weave or craft with wool! Join Mudchute  for the monthly wool crafting meetup! Bring your projects (or get inspiration for new ones)! We’ll meet at the main courtyard opposite Mudchute Kitchen. Find out more about Mudchute Wool here and email farm_office@mudchute.org for details.

If you would like to find out more about Mudchute Park and Farm, visit their website here